Friday, February 22, 2013

StudioTracker's Mother's Day Marketing

Mother's Day presents an ideal marketing opportunity for the beauty industry. Salons have numerous services to offer clients who are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, from a lavish day of treatments, a new makeover or hair style, a deluxe facial or just a simple treatment gift voucher.

Encourage your clients to find the perfect gift at your salon with the use of StudioTracker’s Mother’s Day promotional ideas.

StudioTracker’s sophisticated marketing feature will enable you to produce targeted mother’s day promotions by filtering your client database to market to women aged 25-34 who typically will have the highest disposable income and will be looking to buy their mums an extra special gift this mother’s day!

StudioTracker offers 50 FREE SMS’s with every FREE trial so call us today to set up your campaign in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday the 10th March. 

Monday, February 04, 2013

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Valentine ’s Day has huge marketing potential with people in the UK spending over £1bn on gifts and cards each year. This is therefore an opportunity not to be missed!

Ensure love is in the air  this Valentine’s Day with StudioTracker's marketing campaign ideas!

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All your offers need to be well promoted, you can have the best offers in the world but no customers if no one knows about them. 

StudioTracker’s integrated marketing feature will promote your treatments as the perfect Valentines gift this season. We offer 50 FREE SMS messages with every trial, call today for yours on 0113 350 8230.