Friday, September 27, 2013

Client Data Handling -essential for maximising business?

When a client makes an appointment it is essential that you record as much information about that customer as possible as this information is invaluable to your salon. You should record details such as birthdays, telephone numbers, emails and address as this information is vital for promotions, offers and your salon marketing campaigns.

Knowing your client even more will enable you to personalise and improve your service further, enabling you to add value and offer that competitive edge. Recording customer details such as age, skin type, hair type, colouring history, medical information and even how they take their tea/coffee will enable you to go that extra mile to maximise your client’s experience. In addition knowing your client will enable you to recommend certain products and treatments to suit their needs giving you plenty of up-selling and retail selling opportunities.

Monday, September 09, 2013

How do you maintain customer loyalty?

Salons today focus vast amounts of time and resources into attracting new customers. It is vital however not to forget your existing customers as they provide your best immediate sources of additional profits and increased business; maintaining customer loyalty is therefore essential.

A question that is at the forefront of salon owners minds is how do you continue to add the value that will strengthen your relationship with clients during the long periods between purchases?