Friday, September 27, 2013

Client Data Handling -essential for maximising business?

When a client makes an appointment it is essential that you record as much information about that customer as possible as this information is invaluable to your salon. You should record details such as birthdays, telephone numbers, emails and address as this information is vital for promotions, offers and your salon marketing campaigns.

Knowing your client even more will enable you to personalise and improve your service further, enabling you to add value and offer that competitive edge. Recording customer details such as age, skin type, hair type, colouring history, medical information and even how they take their tea/coffee will enable you to go that extra mile to maximise your client’s experience. In addition knowing your client will enable you to recommend certain products and treatments to suit their needs giving you plenty of up-selling and retail selling opportunities.

Keeping data on individual client history including previous treatment and buying behaviour will allow you to encourage repeat visits and purchases, if you know that previously a client has bought a shampoo or beauty product after a treatment this will enable you to prompt a re-purchase, similarly if a client usually has other treatments that they haven’t booked for in a while you can inform them of any advances in the beauty treatments for example new nail colours you have in stock or if you are running any special promotions for that particular treatment, your client will be pleased you have informed them of an offer they will be interested in.

Knowing your client will enable you to create a more tailored experience, and the customer will feel valued, making them more likely to remain loyal to your salon and recommend you to their friends.
Client data handling is also vital when it comes to new customers visiting your salon. Ensure you add them to your database as this will help you convert them into a regular client. With their information you can make follow-ups, send out vouchers and encourage a repeat visit to your salon. It is also important to keep track of how clients heard about you. This will allow you to assess your marketing efforts and deem which methods are the most profitable and effective.

Finally make sure that your clients contact details are accurately recorded and up-dated regularly. With this data you will be able to effectively communicate with your clients regularly and target them with customised promotions. 

StudioTracker will enable you to track record and monitor your complete client history. You will also be able to filter your client database using any criteria you want, for example age, gender, services, products and spending history. This will enable you to produce more targeted and successful marketing campaigns.

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