Saturday, December 01, 2012

Make your New Year a Happy One.

StudioTracker’s simple hints for a successful New Year.

Offer vouchers for January with every treatment in December, this could be for example £5 off a £20 spend tempting your customers to return in the quieter month.

  • For all appointments booked in December for January offer a free mini treatment, everyone loves a freebie especially around Christmas when clients are treating everyone else around them a free treatment in January will surely encourage a repeat booking. 

  • 2-4-1 recommend a friend offers in January, this generous offer will have your clients dragging their friends to your salon in January, this is not only filling up your appointment book and putting money in your till, it will give you the opportunity to secure new clients for the rest of 2013. 

  • Include January vouchers in every gift set sale, this may encourage the customer to book their next appointment in January or they may pass the voucher on the gift recipient which may provide you with a new client for the New Year. 

  • Say thank you for their custom with Christmas cards, this show of appreciation will make your customers feel valued and may prompt an early New Year booking. Include any upcoming January special offers and highlight any detoxing treatments available ahead of all the indulging over the festive period. 

  • Remember that these quieter periods give you the opportunity to take that little extra time, care and attention to add value to your customer service and give the best impression of your salon to everyone who has a treatment in January, especially those new clients redeeming gift voucher presents to hopefully generate loyal customers and secure repeat bookings for the remainder of the year. 

StudioTracker salon software will help facilitate the implementation of your marketing strategies with its in-built sophisticated marketing functionality, furthermore StudioTracker’s advanced reporting feature will allow you to keep track of your campaigns and help you pinpoint your success and areas of improvements for 2013. 

For your free no obligation trial to ensure your New Year is a happy one call us today on 0113 350 8230.

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