Friday, May 17, 2013

Trading Standards Crackdown on Tanning Practices

The detrimental health impact of excessive sunbed use is well documented and has led to the emergence of a nationwide purge on unsafe tanning salons by Trading Standards, to ensure compliance with safe tanning regulations and guidelines. Ensure your salon is protected with StudioTracker salon software.

A shocking number of tanning salons have failed safety laws in recent tests carried out by Trading Standards.
In the north of England the Trading Standards Service were very disappointed to discover that of the 61 sunbeds tested only 16% were found to be fully compliant with the specified levels. Work carried out in other areas of the country has shown poor compliance, potentially posing a national safety issue.
Trading Standards officers are to head a comprehensive nationwide survey of tanning and beauty salons to create a database of sunbed use. Business owners offering unsafe sunbeds must ensure that corrective action at the earliest possible opportunity, and should be fully aware of their civil liability. Any salon found to have not taken the appropriate steps may be subject to legal action, or have their sunbeds removed from their premises.

The introduction of legislation to ban sunbed use by under 18s is also under investigation. West Yorkshire Trading Standards sent underage test users into 25 salons, 11 of which allowed the under-18s to use a sunbed. Furthermore a sunbed salon in Birmingham was caught allowing teenagers to illegally use the tanning machines in an undercover operation by consumer watchdogs. Premises found breaking this law could be fined up to £20,000.

Trading Standards have urged that “proper supervision in salons is essential to combat the determination of teenagers to get round laws that are there for their own protection”.

Now Trading Standards officers are set to continue their crackdown on tanning salons throughout the country, ensure that your salon is protected with StudioTracker salon software. StudioTracker software will prohibit the use of allowing under 18 year olds onto the sunbed and also will flag up and restrict the use if someone tries to use the sunbed more than once in 24 hours. The software will also keep log of the sunbeds tube usage to ensure they are properly maintained.  StudioTracker will allow you to enforce these rules if choose or you can just receive a warning.

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