Friday, August 09, 2013

Salon Marketing

Marketing is the key to any successful business, helping attract new clients and keeping current clients loyal. 

StudioTracker’s sophisticated marketing feature has been designed to:

Keep your salon on the minds of your client
Encourage more visits
Reward customer for spending more on services and products in the salon
Ensure customers have an exceptional experience that they refer you to friends and family.

StudioTracker has a number of tried and tested marketing campaigns built into their system. These campaigns have been designed to improve client retention through repeat visits and encourage business growth through referrals.

A useful tip to create a successful promotion is to target current clients. Here are some of Studiotracker’s in built campaigns:

Refer a friend promotion
Buy One, Get One Free offers
Birthday promotions
Seasonal Sales
£5 off next visit

StudioTracker allow you to select which clients you want to target in your campaigns, for example you may want to target clients who haven’t visited the salon in the last 6 months with a 20% discount. You will be able to filter the client database to only select these clients this will ensure you don’t reduce profit margins on clients who are already loyal.

StudioTracker also gives you the facilities to create your own marketing campaign with the ability to filter customers by age, gender, appointment history, spending history and many more allowing you to produce more targeted campaigns which will deliver the most successful results. In addition StudioTracker will allow you to create and store your marketing campaigns and set the date and time you wish them to go out enabling you to create them in your downtime. 

The success of your campaigns can be measured and tracked with StudioTracker’s advanced reporting and performance charts.

Have your FREE TRIAL of StudioTracker today and receive 50 FREE SMS'S to kick start your marketing campaigns. Call today on 0113 350 8230.

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